"Grantshouse" was first established in or around 1816, where Thomas Grant (who arrived in the area from Nairnshire) was a contractor who came to help replace the section of the "Old Post Road" which crossed Coldingham Moor.

 Thomas Grant built the original "Grant's House" where he would sell alcohol and when his house was converted to an Inn, a thriving business was established.

In 1821 a map showed the area as "Grant's Inn" and in 1826 the same location is named "Bank Ho" (Bankhouse being the original name of the settlement).

In 1841 Grantshouse, or Bankhouse, as it was still more commonly known, consisted of 6 dwellings.  As well as the Inn, there were 4 houses (probably not built at the same time) in the block which today is known as Drysdale Garages, and one house on the site of the present-day "Sunnybank".  The Grantshouse "Toll House" was erected in 1848.

 There has been over the years much speculation about the exact date when "Bank House" became "Grant's House" and it
has been put forward claiming that the opening of the railway station in 1846 heralded the transition.  

 Although there was no sudden changeover in the name the 1871 Census shows "Grant's House / Bank House", perhaps the change from one to another was gradual, without any conscious effort to introduce it.  The same is probably also the case with the change from "Grant's House" to "Grantshouse"

(information taken from the book "Grantshouse" written by Jim Crosbie who has copyright

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